Generals reveal their cards about Union Shield 2019

Preparation for the joint Russian-Belarusian operational exercise “Union Shield – 2019” continues. Event is aimed to help check the quality and level of combat readiness of the regional group of troops, to see the real capabilities of weapons and the ability to carry out combat tasks.

It should be said that Russia and Belarus provide the unprecedented openness and transparency in preparing and organizing the event. Thus, the Commander of the Western Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Zhuravlyov in his detailed interview to journalists gives full information about the upcoming exercise.

The exercise is reported to involve 12 thousand soldiers, 950 vehicles of a variety of types along with 70 aircraft.

The “Union Shield 2019” exercise is going to take place within the period between 13th and 19th September 2019, under the command of the Commander of the Western Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus Chief Of General Staff in the Western MD Combat Training Centre in the village Mulino of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Though only 12 thousand troops are involved in the exercise, organizers invite observers to show the transparency.

Speaking about the features of the exercise in comparison with the previous maneuvers “Union Shield – 2017”, Colonel-General Zhuravlyov said that this year training is bigger. Russia and Belarus provide more participants, equipment and weapons. Throughout the entire period of the exercise the troops will act both day and night.

“To a certain extent, we can talk about the uniqueness of the joint operational exercises “Union Shield – 2019,” said Colonel-General. At the same time, planned combat training was organized in the district – all three armies, formations and units are located on the ranges, where various exercises are held in increasing order. One training smoothly passes into another, tasks are solved in an integrated manner.

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