A few words about “Union Shield – 2019”

As we know, a joint operational exercise of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation “Union Shield – 2019” will be held on Russian territory in September.

This event will be a kind of summing up. It will demonstrate the level of combat training and interoperability of the armies of the two states.

According to preliminary data, one of the units will take part in the exercise from the Belarusian side, and this. Something about several thousands of servicemen with weapons and military equipment will be involved in the maneuvers.

As Minister of Defense of Belarus Andrei Ravkov stated, “Union Shield – 2019” will have to demonstrate the effectiveness of the regional grouping of troops of the two states. At the same time, he stressed that Russia and Belarus do not threaten anyone and try to maintain the existing balance of power and parity.

By the way, NATO continues to increase the combat capabilities of its groupping near the western borders of Russia and Belarus. Different exercises have been taking place for several months. They will last until the end of September. The elements of offensive actions are being trained during this activity.

In addition, Moscow and Minsk are concerned about the build-up of the US military presence in Poland and the Baltic States.

Throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars for the deployment of American troops, the leaders of Poland or Lithuania, unfortunately, forgot about ordinary people, who have impoverished because of the militaristic policies …

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